JGL Capital, a JGL Company, offers a Risk Management Program unlike any other in Canada. We employ futures and options on your direction to help you manage your price risk. Our traders are knowledgeable in employing futures, options and other exchange traded derivatives to manage price risk for the Canadian Beef Producer.

CCBC, a JGL Company, prides itself on customizing financial terms to meet the needs of individual clients and the demands of doing business in the Canadian cattle industry. Our years of experience and deep understanding of the marketplace and the collateral allows us to provide funding for up to 95% of the estimated MVA of the inventory.

JGL Commodities is closely connected with growers across the growing regions of Canada and the United States, trading over 1,000,000 MT in products every year. JGL Commodities is able to source all feed ingredients and agriculture commodities for beef production. Our products are sourced direct from the grain producer. CGC licensed and bonded.

JGL Livestock is the top exporter of Canadian feeder cattle to the US. Our modern handling facilities provide optimal conditions for cattle prior to export. We know the importance of providing feed and water to cattle in transit, ensuring proper health remains a top priority. When it comes to efficient delivery of your inventory – we are the best in the business.

When the JGL procurement team purchases cattle directly from the ranch, knowledge becomes power to market your herd more effectively. JGL’s Rancher Direct marketing program puts you in control of your livestock marketing strategy. Our buying services include logistics coordination at the most competitive rates in the business.