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Crop Inputs

Hawk’s Agro is your trusted source for all of your farm needs, including seed, crop nutrition, crop protection, biologicals, and petroleum. Now with 7 locations across Southern Saskatchewan to serve you better.

Agronomy Services

Our skilled team of Agronomists are here to help you maximize the potential of your crops. Individualized services include planning, product selection, field scouting, recommendations, oversight of crop performance, and more!

Custom Applications

Hawk’s Agro offers a variety of customized services including custom floating applications, custom seed treatments, and variable rate services powered by SWAT MAPS.

What we offer

  • Seed
  • Crop Nutrition
  • Biologicals
  • Petroleum


Hawk's Agro

Hawk’s Agro’s mission is to operate a successful business in the agriculture industry by recognizing the importance of our customers and employees who work closely together providing value, services and employment to our surrounding communities.

Why Choose Us?

Crop 360 Agronomy

When you work with Crop 360, you benefit from a customized approach to give you the advantage and convenience you need for higher returns on investment. To ensure you get the job done right we offer an extensive range of services including:

  • Agronomics
  • Custom Floating Application
  • Custom Seed Treating
  • Variable Rate Services
  • Seed Testing
  • Soil Testing
  • Field Scouting
  • On Farm Trials