Program Benefits

  • More effective marketing strategies
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Prompt settlements
  • Logistics coordination

Rancher Direct Marketing

Putting you in control of your herd

When the JGL procurement team purchases cattle directly from the ranch, knowledge can become power. By working directly with the procurement team, you can provide information on your herd which can allow more effective marketing of your cattle to feedlots, resulting in higher returns on investment for our producers.

In larger shipments, the procurement team may have the ability to compile more in-depth data (genetics, vaccination status, feedlot performance, etc) to provide valuable feedback to our producers.

We insist on prompt movement and transportation of all cattle to their destinations. We know that your time is valuable– we offer flexible delivery dates to accommodate your schedule. We accept cattle five days a week during the busy season, and are happy to schedule deliveries at your convenience during the low season.

Our buying services include logistics co-ordination at the most competitive rates in the business. To receive a­ price indication and advise on the best weigh location for your calves. Simply fill out the form below and expect a call from a JGL procurement rep.

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